Amanda Friday 2.0

Happy happy Friday everyone! I’m going to tell you a little about this past week and then wrap it up about this weekend’s plans!

Monday was a gorgeous day here in Arkansas! I think the high was around 74 or so…so I was finally able to get outside for a run!


Not my greatest run, but after not running much recently, it felt so great!

Transformation Tuesday!


There’s about a 75lb difference in these pictures! I can’t tell you all the hard work it took to make this happen, but it was well worth it! I WAS WORTH IT! Although I’ve been struggling recently with my food, I’m no where near where I used to be with the binge eating.

Tuesday evening I had another GREAT evening for running. And I had a great hill workout….or so I thought.


I ran .75 to the hill, .75 of hills(look at that sprinting uphill pace!) and after .25 headed back, I quit. The headwind was INSANE! And I was tired. But After a minute of walking, I felt bad for quitting. So I started up the Garmin again and slowly ran back home. After I got home, I felt just fine. Took a quick shower, then sat down to eat some dinner. After I finished eating, I stood up and a horrible sharp pain shot through my left foot! What the heck?! I’ve had arch pain here and there while I was training for my 10-miler, but this was much worse. 😦 The pain was all through the arch and on the bottom of my heel. Plantar fasciitis. Without a doubt in my mind, after plenty of research, that is my self-diagnosis. I’m guessing because 1)Low miles recently 2)I wore heel boots all day Tuesday 3) Then doing hill sprints(possibly pushing off wrong and then the steep downhill) all could have attributed to this. Now, Friday morning, the pain is still there!

Let’s backtrack slightly though. Wednesday was an exciting day for me! After hurting my foot, I thought it would be a GREAT(sarcasm at its finest) time to go ahead and sign up for my first half marathon! ❤


This half marathon has been the one I’ve always told myself I would do. Even though my foot is hurt right now, the half isn’t until October. Thus training will start in July=plenty of time to rest and heal my foot. The price was going to go up, so I went ahead and signed up. I’m super excited!


Thursday, I went out and bought some arch supports, specific to plantar fasciitis. They feel great, for a little while…but then I have to give my feet a break. I’ve been using my foot roller pretty religiously, also using a racquet ball(i didn’t have a tennis ball) to help as well.

As of Friday morning, It’s still hurting but doing better than before! All weekend I plan on resting it(no workouts), but still plan on doing a few activities that will require me to be on my feet.

I’m pretty excited its almost the weekend! After work today, Sweet Pea and I will be on our way to Kansas City to see Amanda and meet her new boyfriend! Should be a great, long weekend! Not 100% sure on what all we will do….but there was mention of an escape room. I’ve never done one before, so it should be fun! Have a fun and SAFE Memorial Day friends!

~Alyssa Marie

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