Weekend Wrap Up

This lady right here. LOVE HER!


Amanda got to my place a little before midnight, Friday night. Sadly, I didn’t even think about getting pictures that evening. I was just thoroughly enjoying my time. After she got in, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some food and a quick drink. Afterwards, we decided to go check out a small bar that was doing karaoke. Not that either one of us planned on singing, we just thought it might be fun. And boy was it! Hahah. This bar is right near a college, and let me tell you….these barely at drinking age college kids were HILARIOUS! Some of them were pretty darn awful! But none-the-less, it was a fun way to spend an hour or so.

Saturday, we slept in a little while and then made about an hour trip out to see a friend of mine(Amanda had met this friend a few times before).

Little Evelyn is always fun to play with! ❤


And Ben….he was on the go, the whole time! This is literally, the best picture I was able to get of him..


A big reason why we decided to go out there for a visit, was to meet the newest addition to Rachel and Brandon’s family. Little Miss Raedyn!

IMG_5082.JPG IMG_5083.JPGIMG_5085.JPG

(I’m not sure how I got the 2 pictures side by side?!?! Hopefully someday soon I’ll get this whole blog thing figured out!)

Anyways… We spent a few hours out there, enjoying these sweet little babes. And go figure, not a single picture was taken with Rachel or Brandon. Wa-wa-wahhhhhh.

Amanda and I got back to my apartment around 6 or so, I took a quick shower. Then we decided to go ahead and head out to the bar/music venue, that way we would be able to get a table for everyone that was coming. Every time she visits, we go to this place because it is always a blast! Now….time for an overload of pictures of my girls!

Amanda and I.


Di and I. (I forgot to save this picture before I posted it on snapchat! lol)


Jessica and I.


Jess, Amanda, and I taking 1 of many Jaeger Bombs


Jessica and Psycho Sarah(I’m a little sad I didn’t get a picture with my Psycho! 😦 )


Amanda and Jess ❤


And then a bestie sandwich! lol


The night was full of beer, smirnoffs, jaeger bombs, and silly, crazy females! One moment it was 8pm and then all of a sudden, it was last call! Why does time have to go so fast when you’re having fun! After we left, Amanda, Sarah, and I went to Awful Waffle (Waffle House) to get some food. Boy was that interesting! Sarah was quite intoxicated and lets just say….a group with a 13 year old left, due to the words flying from her mouth. LOL! Whoops.

After a nights rest, Amanda and I got up and went to rent a movie and grab some Starbucks. If you haven’t seen La La Land….you’re missing out! I wasn’t sure how I would like it, considering its a musical. But I can totally tell why it got some many awards! I highly recommend it! What seemed like just a minute after the movie finished, it was time for Amanda to hit the road, so she would make it to work early this morning 😦 Her visit was short and sweet, but I’m so very happy and feel extremely blessed she was willing to drive all those miles(from Wichita, KS) just to see me for 36ish hours! I was pretty sad after she left. BUT! We have officially decided that Sweet Pea and I will make the drive to Kansas City this weekend (Memorial day weekend) to see her and meet her new boyfriend! I am beyond excited!

Oh yeah…and earlier I was surprised and excited to see the forecast this week! I’ll definitely be able to log some miles now that it’s not going to be so dang hot and humid! Look at this gorgeous weather!


Well, that’s my exciting Amanda-weekend! I can’t wait to see her again, for a 2nd weekend in a row!

~Alyssa Marie


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