Race Times-Slow :)



10/28/17–Beauty and a Beast 5k- {33:00} 10:37/mile Paced an 8year old girl, she’s amazing!

10/21/17–Soaring Wings Half Marathon- {2:43:36} 13.22@ 12:18/mile *PR*

4/29/17–Arkansas 10 mile Classic – {1:50:28–8.64 miles hot, humid, 7pm. Lightening stopped the race}

3/4/17–Little Rock Marathon 10k- {1:09:05} 11:06/mile *PR*

2/4/17–Freezin for a Reason 5k- {31:54} 10:17/mile *PR*


9/24/16–Beauty and a Beast 5k- {31:52-Ended up being 2.71 miles} 11:45/mile

7/23/16–River City Ministry 5k- {40:14} 12:59/mile