Cinco De Mayo Weeeeekend

Happy Monday blogging world! A lot has happened in just a few short days. Most good, one bad. So let’s get right to it!

Friday after work, I convinced my Tommy to give me time after work to workout, before he picked me up. Whenever Tommy visits, he flies…therefore he has my car while I’m working. I had planned on doing 5-6 miles….but i forgot my running sunglasses and the sun started to get to me, so I cut the run short. I also got 15 minutes on the stationary bike done and 10ish minutes of lunges in, to help get my legs a little stronger.IMG_4928.JPG

After he picked me up, we made the 30 minute trip back to where I live. He took me by a rental house he had looked at(online and from the outside), but hadn’t been able to get in touch with the owner. At this point, I was sad…mad…frustrated…and just in a bad mood. I realized that his time here was coming to an end and we had not found a place to live yet. All I want at this point, is to get out of my tiny apartment! I don’t care if the place is a SHIT HOLE. Lol…ok, I wouldn’t want that, but I need out. Bad. (Now that he has left, I’ve got 3 weeks before I have to give my 30day notice, or re-sign a lease. More on that as the days/weeks go by).

FullSizeRender.jpgSadly, my Tommy has strongly expressed that he does not want to be on any social media. So this is about as close as anyone will be to knowing what he looks like. *insert eye roll*. But I love him, so i respect him and his wishes. Anyways…. We went to On the Border and had some amazing margaritas, queso, quac, salsa…all the yummy Cinco De Mayo treats. I was stuffed! When we requested the check, we were told that it all had been paid for! SAY WHAT?! The check had to have come to $60-$70! We were told it was paid by the couple we had spent maybe 5 minutes talking to. It was super sweet. Will definitely be “paying it forward” somehow. We also went out with a couple of his friends and had some drinks while listening to a great band.

After we woke up Saturday, I needed to nurse my hangover a little bit. Lol. So Tommy took Sweet Pea with him to the Harley shop for awhile.(Ok I wasn’t totally useless. I did vacuum, get the dishes finished, and take a walk to get my mail.) But look at this gorgeous PURPLE Harley shirt he got me! IMG_4934.JPG

I absolutely love it! He knows me and my purple addiction 🙂

Saturday evening, he treated me to date night. I decided I wanted Taziki’s for dinner. (One of these days I’m going to remember to start taking pictures of everything, just for my new blog 😉 I had a Mediterranean salad with smoked turkey breast. It was uh-maaaaazing. Then we went to see The Circle. FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie. I didn’t honestly think I would like it, but to much surprise….it was actually quite good.

Sunday at 6am, Tommy flew out of Little Rock. With such an early flight, I made it back to my apartment by 5:30am(dropped him off at 5). But instead of going back to sleep, I decided to go ahead and get my run in. I usually sleep in on the weekends, so it was a nice change to get out early for a cool run.


I went to the Tucker Creek walking trail and enjoyed an episode of Another Mother Runner podcast and all the beauty that Arkansas has to offer that early in the morning. Again, I had intended to run a little more than 5 miles… but I was quite tired. So i cut the run short, drove home and showered….then took nearly a 4 hour nap! It was glorious. Simply glorious! lol

Well that basically sums of the weekend. I made a “big”(not really tho) decision about my weightloss/running journey yesterday. But I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s blog post(Or Wednesday if I don’t have the time tomorrow.)

Have a great day ya’ll

~Alyssa Marie

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