Goals are changing, sort of

Happy Thursday everyone! Is it just me….or is this the longest week EVER?! Weeks typically go by pretty fast for me. Between work, running, and taking care of my dog Sweet Pea…days & weeks usually fly by. But work has been a little crazy this week, so this weekend seems to be inching its way here.

After spending 12 weeks training hard for my recent 10-mile race, I feel I need a little break from the structure. It kind of sounds ridiculous when I say it, or type it…but its true. I’ve only been a “runner” for around 10 months, and those 12 weeks were the most difficult so far. I did pretty good about sticking to Hal Higdon’s 15k training plan. Each week I wrote down what days I would do each run, cross training, and a rest day. But I definitely started to feel burnt out…and I really don’t want that to happen with my running. I enjoy it too much to have feelings of wanting to quit. Plus, this year I haven’t really lost any weight. When I run, I tire out much faster than a gym workout. My body was used to burning 800ish calories a workout, compared to 3-600 on any given run. Sooooo, this is where my goals are changing! I’ve officially decided to back off running….some. And only until July!


I want to focus on losing another 15-20lbs, and build more strength, before I start my half marathon training in July. I will continue to run some miles every week, but if I feel like hitting the gym more often than running, I’m going to! I’m currently sitting around 170lbs, which is still overweight for my 5’5 frame. My friends often tell me that I don’t need to lose anymore weight, but I do. Yes I may look “normal”, but thats really only because so many people are overweight themselves. But I don’t want to be “normal”, I want to be HEALTHY. Plus, if/when I’m 20lbs lighter, I will be able to run FASTER…and I want that badly.IMG_4957.JPG

As you can see from the look on my face…Tuesday was a little hard on me. It was day 2 of my “sugar detox”. Now I’m not going all crazy with cutting sugar, I’ve just told myself…no more candy! I was eating so much of it in the past few weeks(I’m talking like 10 or more pieces a day! :-/ ) So Tuesday was day 2 and I was really feeling the sugar cravings around lunch time, which was when I would usually hit up the candy dish. That evening I was in a bad place mentally…not super bad, but I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So I skipped my workout. It is starting to get pretty hot and humid here in Arkansas, so I used that as my excuse to do nothing after work.


So Tuesday night, I relaxed early in bed with my Runner’s World Magazine and committed to getting up early(4:40am) to get a run in, before work on Wednesday. But naturally, the crackheads that live above me, had me wide awake at 4am *eye roll*. So I rolled out of bed and had a little more time to wake up and get out the door for my run.


I had a pretty decent run. I’m still on the fence about running in the dark though. I live in a relatively safe community, but you never really know who you may run into(pun intended. lol) I only saw one person on foot and naturally, I started sprinting to get far far away from them. He was probably harmless but me, my knife, and my pepperspray were not taking any chances.

Work on Wednesday was a little crazy, but my eating was on point. Annnnd I made it through day 3 with no candy. Day 3 was much easier than day 2, hands down. I decided to go out for lunch. I enjoy going to Subway on occasion, I typically get a ham or turkey breast sub, but I decided maybe I should cut out some of those calories and carbs. IMG_4968.JPG

This roast beef salad was delicious and left me satisfied all afternoon.

I’m a little sad though. For 1- I went out with a good friend Wednesday night and I didn’t take a single picture! 😦 I wish I had, so all you random readers(If anyone actually reads this post) would know what my gorgeous “Psycho Sarah” looks like! And for 2-I had a little more calories while at TGI-Fridays than I had anticipated. After having a salad for dinner too, I enjoyed 2 margaritas and a pretzel with bacon cheese appetizer. It was delicious, but I definitely regretted it afterwards. Live and learn, right?

I guess I’ve gotten this week all caught up. Pretty exciting life I lead, huh? Since It’s Thursday, I’ll go ahead and leave ya’ll with a throwback picture of me. This was Christmas 2015, just before I embarked on my fitness journey.


Happy Friday-eve everone!

~Alyssa Marie

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