Finally Friday


Something about this saying, truly resonates with me. I often have days where I feel like I am not making improvements. Sometimes all I want to do is quit. But months and months ago, I just wanted to be where I am now. I longed for the day that I could just go out and run, without having to stop every minute to walk and catch my breath. Now, I can run several miles without walking.

Yesterday I went for a run, the first one since my Tommy got here for his visit. I told myself I needed to push it, cover the 4 planned miles, and get back home to spend our very little time together. As I got further into the run, my mind kept telling me… “This is too fast. You need to slow down. Walk. Stop. ANYTHING. This is too hard for you Alyssa.” But I kept reminding my stupid brain, “YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.” And this is what happened….


4 MILES WITH A 10:33 AVERAGE?!?! This may be slow to some….but it is much faster than I thought I could go(Most of my runs average around 11-12/min per mile). Sure, I can run a mile faster than 10:33…but to hold that pace for 4 whole miles?! My splits were actually 10:35/10:03/10:39/10:55 🙂


I was pretty excited to be able to wear my Arkansas 10-mile Classic shirt to work. I knew both of the owners would be out, so it was a t-shirt and chucks kind of day!

I don’t have a lot else to blog about today. I’m trying my best not to stress about HOPEFULLY moving. My Tommy got here late Monday night. His task was to find us a house to rent and help me move my big furniture….all by the time he flies out again Sunday at 6am. I’m currently typing this on Friday at 2pm and he has yet to find the right place for us. It really sucks. I’ve been living in my tiny 1 bedroom apartment for 3 years now. We have been talking about getting a place together for almost 2 full years. I thought this time we would actually get it accomplished. My lease is up at the end of May. But he has to go back to work in West Virginia….and we aren’t sure when he will be back yet. So….. as of right now, It appears as though I will have to sign yet ANOTHER lease(my apartments and most I’ve rented in Arkansas don’t do the Month-to-month thing *eye roll*). I am so ready to move! It wouldn’t be so bad….but the new-ish people that live above me are sooooooooooo loud. I kid you not….they wake me up 2-3 times, Every. Single. Night. I swear, they must be crack heads because they are up at all hours of the night/day, they LOOK like crackheads, and they have no jobs or cars.

Oh…and one last thing that I’m sure I’ll touch more on in an upcoming post…. Right now I am seriously struggling. Struggling with eating. Eating candy to be exact. This is what is behind my computer screen at work….


A giant bowl of sweets. It may not look like it has a variety of delicious candies/chocolate. But that’s only because all this week, I’ve picked out the good stuff. For real. This week….and the 2 weeks prior…I have eaten so much candy. Sometimes I feel like I can’t stop. AHHHHHH. Ok, I’ll leave that alone for right now. There will definitely be another post soon about my food weaknesses/addictions!

Happy Friday everyone!

~Alyssa Marie

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