When I woke up this morning, I had every intention of doing a transformation Tuesday post. But as I was getting a photo comparison ready to post(on Instagram first), it just didn’t feel right. I felt like a fraud. Why you might ask? While yes-I’ve lost 70ish pounds….I haven’t lost anything THIS YEAR. After Christmas and New Years, I slowly started to let myself fall back into bad habits from time to time. I’d eat good and exercise all week, then get fast food on the weekends. As of recently, I’ve started to have a piece or 2 of candy at work….which for me, is not an option. Recent days, those 2 pieces have turned into 3…4…MANY MANY pieces. I am not the type of person who can stop at just 1 piece. And that is why I was always obese. Well….MORBIDLY OBESE.

This is where I started. January 2016, 244lbs


This is where I am now, pictures taken June 18, 2017, 173lbs


While I have come a very long way, I see and feel myself slipping. Today I am recommitting. I mean….if I’m going to be training super hard for this half marathon, why not keep my eating healthy and of appropriate caloric intake, and hopefully shed a few more pounds in the process??? This morning, I took a nice walk before work and I’ve started to track my calories/macros again in MyFitnessPal app. My goal is to eat around 1600-1700 calories per day on days that I train, and hopefully 1500 or so on rest days. I hope to drink AT LEAST 96 ounces of water daily. That shouldn’t be a problem for me though. Back in the day, soda was my best friend. But luckily I now only drink coffee and water, unless I go out for food and get a drink with my meal.

In the past I’ve been able to say no to all the sweets and cheats….I can do it again…right?!

RIGHT! 🙂 Happy Tuesday all!


~Alyssa Marie

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