Playing catch up!

Hi friends! I’m still here! I’m still here! 🙂


Even though it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’m still running right along. Honestly, I ended up ditching my first half training plan. The race that I’m doing, put out their own plan. I have been following that now and it has seemed much more manageable. Instead of going through alllllll the weeks that I didn’t blog about, I’ll just hit on the long runs and a few every day life things.

Week # 4 on their plan actually felt pretty good! This was the first week I was able to make a few running friends at the 6am group run on Saturdays. They introduced me to ACTUAL intervals(3 min run/1 min walk) instead of just walking when I needed. Made the run much more enjoyable!

IMG_5765 (1).JPG

Week #5 Felt awesome too! I met another girl, Frances,who ran around the same pace as me. Longer runs were starting to be enjoyable. Who would have thought?!


Week #6 was cut back week! The Friday before the group run, I felt exhausted! I wanted so badly to sleep in on Saturday, so I made myself a deal. I decided if I went to the gym Friday night and completed my long run, I could sleep in. So, I did just that! Scheduled called for 6 miles, but I did a little more! The next morning…I’m pretty sure I slept til at least 9, maybe even later!


That Saturday, I decided it was time to up my hydration game! It was time to go in search of a handheld! I had been putting it off for too long. I can say 100% that I went with the right one! I went back and forth between this one(16 oz) and a 12 oz one, but ultimately I’m glad I went with the bigger one! I love that it has the loops for fuel AND a big zipper pocket too. ❤



Week # 7 followed and I was soooooooo thankful I had picked up the handheld! I filled it with ice and water, which ended up being the majority of what I would have for the entire 10 miles! Well, sort of. Apparently one of the coolers that the group run organizers had, leaked. So at the first stop, all they had left when I got there was ice. Which helped some because I added it to my dwindling water supply and it eventually melted. At stop #2 all that was left was Gatorade. This was the first time trying Gatorade during a run, so I added maybe 4-5 oz to the water I had left. Surprisingly, it settled just fine and got me through the end of my first double digit run(EVER!)!!! 🙂


I think this was the week, I picked up these goodies from Walmart. $5 tank and $10 sunglasses for the win! Annnnnd they match. Win-win in my books!


Week #8 was a good one as well! I felt confident in my abilities to add an extra mile and hit 11. And so I did 🙂 This was the first week an Instagram friend ran with me(Cassie), she has a new found love for intervals now! lol I also experimented more with Gatorade. I have found 1/2 water, 1/2 Gatorade works well with me, so since they will have this at the race, it will be my go-to hydration.




Week #9, wasn’t too pretty. It was another cut back week. The scheduled number of miles was 8. My interval crew(Frances and Cassie) and I decided since the previous week had been humid and tough, that this week we could push it since it was cooler. Well, that didn’t work out for me. Having dealt with stomach issues during the week and adding in a faster pace–I cut my run short. I told them to go ahead and make the scheduled turn and I would continue on back to the fitness center, where eventually they would get back to. I was still able to get a decent long run in, so I didn’t stress it too much! Plus, its better to cut it short and rest up than to push too hard and make myself feel worse!


Week #10 (This past Saturday)- I was pretty nervous about this run. Not only because of my botched long run the week before, but because it was the longest training run in the plan. I knew if I couldn’t do 12 miles that day, there would be no way I’d complete the half on October 21st. We started the group run and I went in having the mindset of no time expectations, I just needed to complete the run. It began smoothly. I took in fuel around mile 3.5, just before the first water stop. And again around mile 7(I think?). Shortly after the second round of fuel I had some stomach cramps. I began to worry quite a bit. I’m not sure if it was the honey stinger gel, the big hill we ran down, or even the combination of both. Luckily, the cramps eased up within a mile or so.Image-1.png

Check. Out. These. Hills! I am so thankful that I joined the Saturday training group. Each week we have been running portions of the half course. This 12 miler included almost every hill that we will encounter during the race. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this run and all of my training went. Even though I didn’t hit all of the mid-week runs, nor did I do a whole lot of cross training…I did do a lot in preparation.


Well, I guess that wraps up what I have been up to! This is the last full week of training before taper next week. We have a 10 mile long run scheduled for this Saturday. I’m honestly pondering doing it on Friday morning though. (My job lets me and 2 other girls in the office rotate having Fridays off-paid. And this is my Friday off 🙂 ) We will see though! But first…check out the AWESOME jerseys my love got me! I am a hardcore Giants fan, even though they are currently 0-5 *insert eye roll*


Until next time friends! Chances are, I won’t blog again until after the half…so send me your happy/positive vibes! ❤


~Alyssa Marie

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