Soaring Wings Half- training week #5

I’m starting to think maybe I am bad at this blog thing. It’s Tuesday, day 3 of my training week(the calendar shows Sunday being day 1, so I go with that) and I hadn’t even starting writing last week’s training post. But…time to tackle it!

What was supposed to happenedWhat actually happened

SUNDAY – A/L/C strength + 30 min cross train ~ 3 miles @12:50

I’m honestly sitting here trying to remember this run. LOL! I didn’t post it on Instagram bc it was so bad…and I didn’t go to the gym. Who knows! Bad day I suppose 😉


MONDAY – Rest ~ rest.

I took a welcomed rest day, hit my step goal of 10k tho!


TUESDAY- 4 miles ~ 4 miles @12:21

Definitely not my best run, but it could have been worse! I’m just happy that I got the miles in that the plan called for. I’m starting to get a little better about getting the right miles in. Progress….


WEDNESDAY – 3 miles +L/C strength ~ 2 miles@13:21

I made a slight mistake staying at home and running on my treadmill. It is so much more bouncy than the ones at the gym…it wears my legs done soooo much faster. So I cut it short, but 2 miles is better than none! #excuselife


THURSDAY – 4 miles ~ lazy AF rest

FRIDAY – rest ~  rest

Both Thursday and Friday I rested. I hit my 10k step goal on Friday, but not on Thursday. Ahhhhhhh. Seriously need to get my shit together. I’m still getting miles in…but not as many as I need to be! But look at all the goodies I got at GNC! The protein powder is normally $20 each….I walked out with all of this for $41.96! Went on the right day 🙂

IMG_5536 (1).JPG

SATURDAY – 5 miles ~ 4 miles @ 12:34

I could give excuses, but I won’t. I woke up early enough to tackle 4 miles before it got too terribly hot.


Oh…and both of these happened on Saturday! Chipolte AND Halo Top ❤

IMG_5547.JPG                            YUM!!!!IMG_5542 (1).JPG


Well, that wraps up week 5! Am I happy with this week’s training?-NO. Am I super UNhappy-NO. I’m content with it. Life happens and no matter what, I know I’ll cross the finish line in October. The finish line to my very first half marathon. And that itself will be a PR! 😉 I plan on doing another one in January or February of next year, thus the training will be in the winter and I KNOW that training will be much easier on me. I’m a winter kind of girl!

And just one more picture of Sweet Pea for good measure 🙂


❤ Love her crazy self!


~Alyssa Marie


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