Soaring Wings Half-training week #3

Am I really 3 weeks into this training?! I’ll go ahead and admit….this week hasn’t been pretty…but it’s something. I’ve definitely been enjoying having my sweet Tommy here with me, so regardless of miles…it’s been a great week ❤

What was supposed to happen what actually happened

SUNDAY – Arms/legs/core & 40 mins cross train ~ Rest

Today was a lazy, netflix/movies day with my love. I’ll share a picture he sent me of him and Sweet Pea(she loves him like crazy!) but my Tommy wishes to be completely off social media(no Facebook, Instgram etc.) so I’m assuming he doesn’t wish to appear on my blog either. I don’t LIKE his decision, but I do respect it. I love him so so much! This original photo has got to be one of my all time favorites! ❤


MONDAY – Rest ~ 2.5 miles @10:55  + 1 hour strength & cardio

Tommy needed to go help one of his buddies for a few minutes, so I had him drop me off at the gym(we share my car when he visits) while he was busy. I figured why sit at home while I could be tackling some miles?! This workout was KILLER!


TUESDAY – 4 miles ~2.5 miles @11:50 + 1 walking mile (Total 3.5 miles)

With it being the 4th of July, I honestly thought I would rest….but decided to hop on my treadmill for awhile. I don’t usually prefer to run on my treadmill because it is older and it’s more bouncy than the ones at the gym, so it tires my legs a lot faster. But I opted to use it today so I could get something in before we went over to our friend’s house for a BBQ. I’ve realized I’m bad about picture taking so I can show it on the blog. I think the reason behind that is because honestly, my blog is for me and…strangers. LOL! Most(not all though) of my real-life friends don’t care to hear about my running adventures…so I don’t typically even bring up the blog. So…. yeah. It will usually just be my workouts and maybe other fitness related posts if I ever have the time.


WEDNESDAY – 3 miles + L/C strength ~ rest

On Wednesday morning, it sure was hard waking up early after having a nice 4 day weekend! Work was crazy busy and I’m not gonna lie….I drank 3 cups of coffee. That’s a lot for me!


Wednesday night was the last evening with my love 😦 We got some dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse and relaxed together. We ended up going to be early since we needed to leave the apartment by 5am to get him to the airport on time.


THURSDAY – 3 miles ~ 2 miles @12:20

Since I had to dropped Tommy off so early, I was in town much earlier than a normal work day. Rather than driving the 30 minutes back home to get ready for my day, I packed a gym bag and ran before getting showered and ready at the gym. I was still half asleep and really wasn’t feeling my run. I ended up walking some of the 2nd mile, so it really killed my pace. I had every intention of doing a few more miles after work, but with such an early wake up and a looooong day at work, I was exhausted. Excuses excuses, I know. But in my defense….it’s still early in my training, I’ll get my butt in gear!



I definitely enjoyed resting today! I should have caught up on some miles, but I was honestly pretty tired! I did hit my 10,000 step goal, so that’s something right?!


SATURDAY – 6 mile long run ~ rest

In the early morning I knew it was going to be rainy/stormy….so I slept in until it was time to go to a little girl’s birthday party at 10am. The party was cute and outside…so of course, it was HOT! I got a mini workout in following little 2 year old Savvy around the playground. I loved being on Savannah-duty for awhile ❤ She’s the one in the blue tu-tu. And this is her best friend Ivy 🙂 Naturally, after a hot morning, I took a nice long nap when I got home, and ended up being lazy the rest of the day. That happens and life goes on.(No worries though, next week, you’ll see I made up my long run on sunday!)


Sweet Pea, how is this comfortable?! :-/


Over the weekend, I watched a few documentaries on having a plant-based diet. I’m strongly considering going, at least, “mainly” vegan. The documentaires I’ve seen have several examples of people having high blood pressure that drops dramatically while being on a plant-based diet(not to mention the horrible conditions the animals live in while being raised and slaughtered 😦 ). That appeals to me because when I started my fitness journey, my blood pressure was usually 150-160/90-100. Now after losing 70ish pounds, it’s still around 130-140/85-90 even with being on blood pressure meds. Something {else} needs to change!

IMG_5435 (1).JPG

July marks 1 year of running for me! ❤ I started running a couple weeks before my 1st race which was 7/23/16. Not 100% when my first official “run” was, so I’ll just go ahead and celebrate all month, cool? 🙂


Well I suppose that wraps it up for this week’s training. Next week will be better, I PROMISE!


~Alyssa Marie

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