Soaring Wings Half-training week #2

I’m a little late getting this posted….but, better late than never right?! 🙂

Before I dive into week #2 training, I’ve just got to say….I have a new found love for omelets! I love adding peppers, mushrooms, turkey bacon, and salsa! Mmmm…


What was supposed to happen What actually happened

SUNDAY – A/L/C Strength training & 30 minutes cardio/cross train ~ A/L/C for 40 mins & 40 minutes of cardio/cross training

When I got to the gym, I completely forgot how long I was supposed to cross train for. I assumed since last week was 30 minutes, that this week bumped up to 40. So I warmed up with 10 minutes on the elliptical, did 20 minutes strength, 10 minutes on the stair master, another 20 minutes strength, and finished up with 20 minutes on the bike. By the end, my legs were DEAD! So I made sure to use my foam roller & massage stick, also stretching, before I went to bed for the evening.


MONDAY – Rest ~ 4 miles @ 11:27

It was supposed to be rest day, but I knew that my Tommy would be in town starting on Tuesday(he ended up surprising me at 11:30 Monday evening, instead of me picking him up Tuesday! ❤ ) so, I wanted to get Tuesday’s run in so I could have the evening to rest and spend time with him. My right shin was bothering me all day, including this run….but I pushed through and ended up doing the last mile the fastest. 🙂


TUESDAY – 3 miles ~ Rest

Took a full rest day(still hit over 10,000 steps tho!) so I could spend some time with my love ❤ He surprised me with a new pair of wireless headphones! Although I didn’t actually need a new pair, he wants me to use these. He worries about me a lot(too much!), and thinks these will help me be more aware of my surroundings while running outside. See? They are the kind that has little speakers BY the ear, not IN the ear. Pretty cool! I’m excited to give them a test run.


WEDNESDAY – 3 miles & legs/core strength ~ rest

Tommy and I decided to go out to dinner. We enjoyed some BBQ at a place called Fat Daddy’s. I had never been there before, so we ordered a 3 meat & 2 meat plates, so I would be able to try a variety. It was soooo delicious. Definitely nothing “diet” about it 😉 Well….I did have some sauteed veggies…does that count? After dinner, we met up with a few friends and had a margarita while we chatted. I’m pretty bad at this blog thing….as, I didn’t take any pictures. Soooo… I’ll leave you a picture of my cantaloupe. I’ve eaten 3 bowlfuls at work this week…so juicy and delicious! By far, my favorite kind of melon!


THURSDAY – 3 miles ~ 3.5 treadmill miles @11:48 +10 minute cool down on the bike

I had a doctor’s appointment at 2pm, so it was nice to be able to get a run in early(after the appointment) and still have plenty of time afterwards. The run felt pretty easy. I did end up walking about 1/4 mile all together, but did a few sprints to help lower my time a little bit. It felt pretty good! I think I need to start doing more interval workouts on the treadmill though. To be faster, I have to train faster….right? 🙂


FRIDAY – REST ~ 2 treadmill miles + 20 min cool down on the bike

I didn’t think I would get a workout in on Friday, but our owner decided to let us off early…so I hit the gym before my Tommy picked me up(He uses my car when he flies down to see me 🙂 )


SATURDAY – 5 miles ~ 4.5 miles @ 11:27

During my long run, my left foot started to ache a little bit…again. For some reason it’s been intermittently bothering me. I had pretty bad pains from plantar fasciitis for awhile and now it comes and goes. Silly old me though…instead of slowing down, I decided to go quite a bit faster the last half mile. lol


Overall, I’d say week 2 was a success. Especially considering my Tommy got here on Monday late evening. I just tried my best to get in as many miles as I could, even if it wasn’t on the right days. And I got in all 14 of them! So I’d say this week was a success!


Oh….and I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of my Sweet Pea ❤ she got a hair cut and new leash/collar 🙂


~Alyssa Marie



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