Weekend wrap-up


Is it really Monday already?! Where did the glorious weekend go??


To start, we have to talk about Friday. I got up early enough and got 25 mins of walking in before work-that was workout 9/10 for last week’s 2-a-days. All week I did great! Until Friday evening. I’ve been struggling A LOT recently with my depression and Friday I let it get to me. I didn’t workout. I didn’t do a whole lot of anything. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that every year, I find myself more depressed as summer approaches. There are a lot of reasons why I dislike summer. I won’t get into those reasons…I might make a post about the biggest reason, when that day comes in less than a week(June 18th). We will see!

I thought this meme was pretty fitting!


Friday evening, I did however, take some time for a mud mask while reading through a little of my Runner’s World magazine! Pretty good issue so far ❤











Saturday morning I got up around 6:30 to get a decent long run in, before it got too hot. Unfortunately, my neighbors had a little different morning planned for me. I got a text asking if I would be able to babysit if they ended up needing someone to, just for a few hours. Well…I responded immediately and said if they needed, yes. Around 830 I sent another text asking yay or nay…and go figure-they didn’t even respond! Girrrr. So Shortly before 9 I headed out and it was already getting quite hot and humid. So I cut the run a little short. But it was nice to get out in my own little world and put some {slow} miles in!


Saturday, I also made a much needed trip to Academy Sports. I picked up some more Nuun Hydration tabs, GU’s, and these new shorts! Look how tiny they look compared to the shorts that I wore last year! I just LOVE non-scale victories! ❤


I don’t know if I’m dehydrated? Or maybe its just a summer thing? But my body has seriously been craving oranges lately. So I had a late night snack. Sweet Pea was eyeing my cheese!

IMG_5260 (1).JPG

Sunday I slept in until about 9. I woke up feeling rested, but after making coffee….I just laid around for about an hour. I told myself I needed to make sure this depression didn’t leave me being lazy all the time. I needed to have a productive day! Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like working out-but I was ok with that. I spent almost 2 hours washing, waxing, and detailing the inside of Ella, my Altima. Isn’t she perty!?!?!?


Throughout the day, I got Sweet Pea brushed(she sheds, A LOT), washed clothes, washed the sheets on my bed, and got some meal prep done. Does anyone else just LOVE paprika?! I swear….I put in just about everything. In eggs, veggies, rice, breading for chicken…you name, I’ve tried it!


Here’s the food I prepped, as I had it for lunch today. Chicken, rice, and veggies!

Sooooo delicious!


Well, that wraps it up for this weekend! Although, my depression has really started to kick into high gear….I will not give up. I will not allow myself to lose the momentum I’ve got. I will continue to workout, eat healthy, and try to keep myself in the right mindset. I deserve to be happy!


~Alyssa Marie

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