Finally Friday!

Current situation:


During my lunch break, I needed something sweet! So with 2 hours left of this sloooowwww Friday, I picked up some Halo Top ❤ This is my favorite flavor…i think. There are so many good ones!

OK…on to my 2-a-days update! Thursday was a success! I got up early enough to fit in 40 minutes of walking before work. I’m a little sad that all week I wasn’t able to keep up with the treadmill AND biking in the mornings, but I’m still happy I had enough willpower to get out of my comfy bed to do SOMETHING. So…YAY for that!

Thursday evening I made mexican bowls for dinner. Including sweet potatoes, ground turkey, black beans, avocado, salsa, and cherry tomatoes. Super fast and easy….but damn good!


This was the picture I shared on my instgram about my evening workout. As you see, I managed to get a solid hour in at the pool. I got in a great workout navigating my way back and forth across the pool, dodging several kids. I’m not sure if they were in my way? Or if I was in theirs? LOL!

I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the picture I took in my swimming suit, on instagram. I’m not real sure why, as I am comfortable in my own skin. I did have a moment though before I walked to the pool. I felt self conscious for a moment, but then quickly reminded myself that last year at this time…I was many pounds heavier and was comfortable enough to go to the pool then…so why worry now? Plus….this is an old swimming suit. Back from when I would say I was “skinny”. But I’m going to share it here, why not?


I could sit here and tell you all the things I dislike about this picture(my thighs mainly….but they are STRONG!), but I won’t bother. What I will say is I love this swimming suit! When I was larger I had another one that was similar, just a different color blue and the strap was a halter top, not spaghetti straps. I love it because it’s super flattering, especially with the skirt it hides some “problem areas” a lot of women have.

Look at my sweet, Sweet Pea!FullSizeRender (1).jpg

She has 2 of her own beds, yet every night she sleeps next to me! Well….she starts every night there anyways 🙂 I used to allow her to sleep in bed with me or on the couches… but the hair on everything was horrible for one. For two, as she is aging…she has a bit harder time getting around, especially jumping onto furniture. So for the last 2 years or so, she has been banned. At first, I could tell she was “mad” about it, but now I think she’s used to it.

Well, i think that sums up about everything that happened Thursday. I’m so thankful it’s Friday and will soon be off work for the weekend. Hoping to get a decent long run in tomorrow morning before it gets too hot and humid, which means I’ll need to start early. And a long run at this point….I’m hoping for 6 miles. lol

Happy, HAPPY Friday!

~Alyssa Marie

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