Tell me it’s over Thursday

I’m going to make this short(i think)…as this afternoon has thrown me for a loop. Long story short, I pulled up to Subway and got out of my car. A gentleman said to me, “I’m going to need to move my truck” I just looked at him confused and said… “ok…?” He stared at me for a moment. He then said…”I’m just trying to prevent any damage to my vehicle” as he motioned to his truck and continued. “You didn’t have to be all rude to me…” And continued to just go off on me. I was completely dumbfounded. Apparently this joker couldn’t park in the lines and when I parked next to him(In the middle of my parking space) he was concerned he wouldn’t be able to fit between his truck and my car(he was a little bit of a larger man). ALL THIS DUDE HAD TO SAY WAS, DO YOU MIND BACKING OUT SO I CAN GET IN MY TRUCK TO STRAIGHTEN OUT. That’s it. Instead, he decided to have me try and GUESS why he was telling me he wanted to move his truck and that he wanted me to back out so he could get in. WTF ever dude. I was so mad that he completely went off on me, without even ASKING if i would move my car for a second. So I got in my car and left. Needless to say, it threw me for a loop and I haven’t been able to get out of this funk-mood since. Oh….and instead of a somewhat healthy Subway lunch, I went to Taco Bell. UHHG!


The whole reason I wanted to blog today 🙂

Wednesday’s 2-a-days was a success! I was soooo sore from Tuesday’s lunges that it was super hard for me to roll out of bed early.


I did get up and was able to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Something is better than nothing right?

For lunch on Wednesday, I spent the majority of my hour at Walmart getting groceries. So I snatched up a pre-made salad to eat at my desk. Anyone else enjoy one of these on occasion? There are a few that I really enjoy! Kroger carrys them as well, but I’ve noticed they are a bit more expensive there, than at Walmart.  This was the BLT Salad with chicken and Avocado Ranch dressing. YUM! ❤


Yesterday was #Globalrunningday! Since I’m a new runner(I began running in July of 2016), I had no idea there was even such a day! After seeing all my running friends on Instagram posting about it, I knew I had to go out for a run! I’m so thankful that I did because around 7:30pm, it was nearly the perfect temperature for a run!


With those 2 miles, it made day 3-workout 6 complete for my week of 2-a-days! Over halfway there! YESSSS!

Fun fact about me:growing up I hated vegetables! The only veggie I would eat was carrots. Now as an adult, I’m notorious for having huge salads full of different veggies! Here was the dinner I had before my run! Delicious looking, huh??


After my run, my legs hated me. Even though I didn’t push too hard….they were(and still are today) seriously sore! Exhausted from the day(work, housework, another bath for Sweet Pea, dinner, and my run), I reluctantly did some stretching and foam rolling while I drank a protein shake!


Since I’ve been so sore, I made sure to use about 1.5 frozen bananas(potassium!), a huge handful of spinach, water, and a scoop of protein powder. It sure was yummy!

Happy Friday eve ya’ll!

~Alyssa Marie

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