Transformation Tuesday #1

Wow. Has it already been a week since I posted on the blog?! I’m trying to stay consistent…but you know, life.

Happy Transformation Tuesday!


Sooooo much has changed since the picture on the left!(If you care to join me on my journey on Instagram, feel free to follow me! 🙂 ) That picture was taken December 19, 2014 on my birthday! It was a fun night, but I remember always trying to hide my stomach in pictures….or just hiding from pictures in general. Now, take all the pictures you want! lol

So what’s new in my little world?

I’ve been sick 😦 I’ve fought a cold or sinus infection since Monday of last week. I think I’m at the tail end of it now though, fingers crossed!


And poor Sweet Pea… Its the time of the year that she is sooooo itchy. I feel horrible for her! Luckily, I’ve got some medicated shampoo that works wonders. Yesterday during our walk I asked if she wanted to take a bath, she literally started running for the apartment. When we got inside, she went straight for the bath tub and jumped in, without me having to coax her one bit. That…is very different than most bath times! After 3 baths in the last week(as instructed by her vet… 3 baths a week for 2 weeks) she must be learning that the baths make her feel much better! Since she was a good girl, she got some peanut butter in her bone ❤


Yesterday(Monday), started my week long 2-a-day workouts! I’ve set a goal to workout every morning and evening Monday-Friday this week to help me get back on track. After hurting my foot, Memorial day long weekend, and then being sick….my nutrition and workouts have definitely been lacking. Monday morning I did inclined treadmill walking, airdyne bike, and some lunges, totaling 45 minutes.

IMG_5216.JPGMonday was definitely a dreary morning…. Monday evening, I headed out for a run. I told myself…either 3 slow miles, or 2 fast(for me) miles. After hitting a 10:47 first mile, I kicked it into high gear and hit 10:14 for me second mile! Yayyyy for cooler temperatures and being able to push myself!


So far, Monday was a successful 2-a-day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post again about today’s workouts. I’m thinking about maybe starting to do a weekly check in of all my workouts, maybe posting it on Sunday, or the following Monday. The only problem with that….All I really do during the week is work and workout. lol So I wouldn’t have anything to blog about during the week 🙂  Eh…we shall see! Have a great Tuesday Ya’ll!

~Alyssa Marie



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