NOT ready for Summer

Let’s start this post with a few funnies I’ve seen the last few days 🙂


Why Yes, I’ve been consistently walking for 20 years 😉

IMG_5007.JPGI think the one that resonates the most with me would be this one ^^^ I am definitely more of a dog person, rather than a people person. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy running as much as I do. It gives me that alone time for me to sort through thoughts and any problems that may be going on in my life at any given time!FullSizeRender (1).jpg

And then there’s this. Coffee wakes me up peacfully. It doesn’t talk back. It warms me on a cold day. And it can be as sweet or as bitter as I please. I think we all need a little(or a lot) of coffee in our life 😉

Ok, lets get down to business. It’s only Tuesday, but this week has been a HOT and humid one here in Arkansas…and my workouts have proven to be rough. I suppose Sunday wasn’t too bad, workout wise.(I live out of state from my family, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom 😦 ) Most Sundays I go to the gym. It’s usually pretty empty, plus I’ve got plenty of free time on Sundays to get in a longer workout.


I enjoyed an easy 2 miles run, 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the stair-master, and 40 minutes of weigh machines and free weights. I was happily exhausted!


After I was finished at the gym, I enjoyed a HUGE salad. Fun fact about me: growing up i disliked all vegetables, expect carrots. Now as an adult, I am  known to have notoriously big salads full a lot of different kinds of veggies. Veggies make my heart happy ❤

Then it was time for grocery shopping and meal prep. I didn’t snap a picture of my meal prep food, but I did get a couple pictures of a few Walmart find.


I did NOT buy either of these M&M’s, but the caramel ones I’ll definitely need to try sometime in the near future. Strawberry though….doesn’t sound too appealing.


I did, however, scoop up this new dressing. I have never seen a Caesar vinaigrette in my life, so I knew it had to try it. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID! It will probably be a staple in my diet for the whole summer.

Monday evening was dreadful. I waited as long as I could before I set out for my run. At 7:45 it was still 80 degrees(with “feels like” temp of 84!!!), but the sun goes down by 8:30, so it was time to head out the door. I knew it would be a rough run, so I went by heart rate….at first. I kept it around 160-162 for the first mile… when my Garmin vibrated at the 1 mile mark it said 12:05?!?! What in the heck?! I knew I had to try and pick it up to get a somewhat decent time.


Do you see these slow splits?! Let’s not focus on the time though. You and I both can see that my effort was there 110%. I pushed it, but the heat and humidity won. Well, it won the small battles. But since I finished what I set out to do, I won the war. SO HA! 🙂

After I got home it was pushing 9pm(ok 8:30, but whatever) and I really didn’t want to eat too many calories when I would be going to bed soon. I opened the fridge and my body immediately told me…. EAT THAT ORANGE RIGHT MEOW!

IMG_5016 (1).JPG

It was delicious and satisfied me compltely! Along with….


My favorite Nuun flavor, Strawberry Lemonade! Now, I’ve honestly only tried these 2 flavors… but I am hooked. I have tried so many different water “enhancement” or electrolyte type additives… and I haven’t ever found one that I could actually choke down! But Nuun has become a necessity in my running life. If you haven’t tried it before, its a must!

I think that sums up my life in the past few days, other than adding all the Netflix I’ve watched 😉 Until next time!

~Alyssa Marie

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